3, 2, 1… ThinkIt!

Over the past few months our most clever thinkers have been creating a treasure trove of intriguing conundrums that will get pupils quickly thinking on their feet. ThinkIts answer your calls for a cross-curricular tool, that’s punchy, fun and thought-provoking.

Sample ThinkIt

Designed to be used as an open ended whiteboard resource, ThinkIts in the classroom are very flexible. Used as a morning starter or to generate the main inspiration for your lesson, ThinkIts encourage higher order thinking skills in the form of brain teasers, Q&As and puzzles.Gnome Question - ThinkIt

Why use ThinkIts?

  • They keep pupils engaged in learning as they are fun and visually stimulating
  • They are perfect for that ‘unaccountable time’ during the day such as registration time, lesson transitions and those ‘last 5 minutes of the day’
  • You can access specific content in an instant, no preparation required
  • They are cross curricular materials, which will enhance pupils’ knowledge, skills and understanding of the wider world
  • They include enriched content written by educationalists to match the subject and pupils’ academic level

Currently our artists in the creative cave are working their magic to beautify the ThinkIts and bring them to life for you in the new Autumn term.

Watch this space for more information!