3 Super Cool Ways to Keep Learning Going this Half-Term

The half-term is a great way for students to recharge their batteries and spend time hanging out with friends away from the classroom.

Sometimes though, despite the break from school, it’s good to try and encourage the learning to keep on going over the holidays. When you’re struggling to put work together though, how can you give your students something quick and easy to learn with, know that it addresses curriculum objectives, and make sure they’re having fun at the same time?

Well, you’ve come to the right place. Let’s see how you can do this with EducationCity…

1. Home Access

Give your students a fun resource for over the holidays to help prevent learning loss with Home Access. Home Access means your students can access EducationCity at home 24/7, and is also a great way for parents to engage with their child’s learning too! They can access anything on your school’s subscription so it’s really handy to have.

2. Set Homework

If your students have access to EducationCity at home, you can also set them homework via MyCity. You can add in any work you’d like from the resource and even track your students’ scores from content played. Scores are automatically saved, which is really handy for quick homework!

Don’t forget about our Activity Sheets either – they can be printed out and given to your students.

3. Set a PlayLive Challenge

Are your class competitive? Why not challenge your students to PlayLive for ten minutes a day and see who can top the leaderboard? This will not only improve their recall skills with word-forming and mental arithmetic, but is great fun and means they can play with their friends from home. 

To see how you can get hold of Home Access for your school and all the great features mentioned, give us a call on +44 (0)1572 725080.