3 Super Cute, Quick Spring Classroom Crafts

Well it’s that time of the year again – spring has come around and we’re really excited! The sun’s shining, the birds are singing and the flowers are blooming.

We gave you a number of springtime activities to do on EducationCity with your class but for you teachers who are looking for something that involves crafts, we’ve now been exploring the internet to find some craft ideas you can use in your classroom at this time of year. Check them out…

Blossom Tree Collage

Create collages of blossom trees that are pretty to display and great to get you in the spring mood.

You’ll need paper, brown wool, tissue paper and glue.

Start off with sticking wool to the paper to make branches and then get scrunching up the (we’ll go for pink because that’s a good blossom colour) pink tissue paper into little balls and sticking it around the branches for a blossomly perfect finish!

Grass Heads

These grass heads are fun to make and get children involved with growing – perfect for this season.

A pop sock or a knee-high tight, grass seeds, soil or potting mix, waterproof glue, a yoghurt pot and decorations like googly eyes make up what you’ll need for this.

Put two teaspoons of grass seeds in the bottom of a tight or pop sock. Next, fill it with a tennis ball-sized amount of potting mix or soil. Tie a knot at the end (here you could grab some for ears or a nose, spin it and tie it with a band). Now dunk it in water and pop it in the yoghurt pot which should have some water in – get decorating a funky face and even some cool clothes on the pot.

Tissue Paper Stained Glass

Now the sun is peeking out, it’s time to let the colours shine with a tissue paper stained glass craft!

For this, you’ll want a plastic bag, sticky tape, glue, a bowl, a paintbrush and colourful tissue paper.

Put down tablecloths you don’t mind getting sticky. Cut a square from your bag – about 30cm x 25cm and portion the tissue paper into small squares and mix the glue in a bowl with water so it’s thinner. Paint glue over the bag and cover with the paper (get creative and cover randomly or make a pattern). Then, while it’s still wet, glue all over the tissue paper and leave to dry overnight.

When it’s dry, peel the paper off the bag and cut your design to how you want – hang it and admire!

Have fun getting positively crafty! Don’t forget about the spring-themed activities you can do on EducationCity for some even quicker lesson ideas.