4 Ways to Encourage Summer Learning

Why let summer learning loss make its mark though when you can use EducationCity and other techniques to combat it? EducationCity offers lots of learning tools to practise skills in core areas, and there are other activities too for you to encourage your students to do. We’ve put some top tips together to help you keep your students engaged in learning during the summer.

1. Practise Skills

To ensure your students are keeping up with practising the skills they’ve learnt, you could assign a ‘summer skills’ learning pathway on EducationCity via MyCity. Set work directly from EducationCity and cover the skills you need to – students can see their scores in MySuccess* and also play content again if they want further practice. You can also monitor their scores at any time too in SuccessTracker.

2. Put Pen to Paper!

By setting quick writing activities over the summer or simply just asking students to keep a journal of what they do, students can practise different types of writing such as skills-based writing, creative writing or reflective writing. Students could hand in their work after the summer for teachers to see where they’re at, and what strengths and weaknesses they may have.

3. Delve Into a Good Book

Ideal for combatting boredom, increasing vocabulary, fluency and comprehension skills, reading is a great way to fill the time during the summer holidays. To encourage your students to read, you could simply create a summer reading book list with your recommendations, or perhaps challenge your students to read a certain number of books and write about them – it could give a great opportunity to go to the local library too.

4. Let Them Learn!

You could also just give your students the freedom to learn themselves. With EducationCity, they have access to an online learning resource where they can go on all the ready-made resources on your school’s account whenever they want – it’s a great way to encourage students to simply learn how and when they want.

Are there any other ideas you have to encourage your students to learn over the summer? Let us know by tweeting to @EducationCity – we’d love to hear them!

*To access EducationCity outside school hours, make sure you have Home Access which gives your students 24/7 access to EducationCity.