5 (and a Half) Ways to Stop the Summer Slide

The summer break is around the corner now and this means students are looking forward to the nice weather and time with friends.

Although everyone likes a good break, it can be all too easy for students to stop learning. In fact, research has shown that a long break can mean children slip back with their education.

So, to blend fun with learning during the summer, stay tuned as we’re about the tell you 5 (and a half) cool ideas which will make the summer break academically productive with EducationCity’s Home Access* – your students will come back to school feeling super-charged and ready to learn!

What’s Home Access?

Home Access lets your students access EducationCity out of school.

1. Set work with MyCity

Pull together targeted pieces of content in a MyCity to keep learning alive – you can use these to review skills learnt or help students preview content for the next academic year.

2. Encourage your students to explore

Let your students reinforce existing concepts and explore new skill sets by giving them the opportunity to explore EducationCity themselves with the Pick and Play option.

3. Improve skills with gamification

Available in Maths, English, French and Spanish, PlayLive is fantastic for improving quick recall skills whilst having spirited competition.

4. Practise, practise, practise

MySuccess and MyRevision offer fantastic ways to get your students improving their scores so they can practise for next year!

5. Give offline options

Learning can take place off-screen – Activities come with accompanying peripherals such as Activity Sheets which can be printed.

5.5 Feel that super teacher feeling

You can also give your students fabulous Summer Resource Packs – perfect for summer break learning and for KS2 students; check them out!

Want to find out more about EducationCity’s Home Access and how it can help your students with summer learning? Simply get in touch on +44 (0)1572 725080.

*Home Access is available at an additional cost.

Need to use EducationCity on a tablet or mobile device? You’ll need to download the Puffin Browser. Find out how here.