5 Best Tips for Engaging Parents in Learning

Tips for Engaging Parents in Learning

1. Praise Work

One way is giving praise where it’s deserved! Nothing is better than sending a child home with a sticker, postcard or a certificate for great work they’ve done, to show their parents. There are parents who will feel lots of pride from this and they may become more engaged with their child’s learning as it becomes a talking point at home, and they want to help them succeed.

2. Use Social Media & Blogs

Conversations and engagement with learning and parents can also happen on social media and blogs. Twitter and Facebook, as well as a blog on the school website, can help parents keep up with what their child’s class is doing and feel actively involved with their learning. It can also create conversation points too so that parents can start a dialogue – this is great for when there are school trips and parents can still interact hundreds of miles away!

3. Involve Them in Lessons

Another way to encourage parents to be involved with their child’s learning is by inviting parents in to help you out in class! Not only will this encourage them to come and talk to you should they need to, but it can give you a little aid too with any jobs that need doing, such as cutting sheets or display boards.

4. Invite Parents to Speak

Parents can be great advocates for children! Perhaps you’re learning about plants and you have parents who are gardeners or scientists, or maybe you’re learning about grammar and there is a parent who writes in their day-to-day job who can explain why it’s so important… inviting parents to speak is a great way to inspire children and help parents get involved with their learning too.

5. Help Parents with Supporting Homework

Many parents, we’re sure, want to get involved in their child’s learning but perhaps don’t feel comfortable in some situations to do so. In these cases, a simple tutorial or video on a concept can help parents with supporting their child with their homework.

In fact, EducationCity’s curriculum-mapped Learn Screens are perfect for this and improving understanding on a concept – parents and students can look through them step-by-step together at their own pace. To try them out (they’re available in all subjects), simply log in.

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