5 Innovative Ways to Teach Maths

By adding a bit of sparkle and creativity to your maths lessons, you might be a step ahead in getting the most out of them, and helping to engage your students. To help with adding a touch of creativity to your maths lessons, we’ve pulled together 5 innovative ways you can teach the subject that are super simple to do, and are aimed at giving your students more motivation and drive to learn mathematical concepts.

Have a PlayLive Competition

One innovative way to teach maths is to use PlayLive, a timed, competitive environment, on EducationCity! With PlayLive Maths, you and your students can get involved with a class competition. They can take on questions in either addition, subtraction, multiplication or division to see who can top the board. By making this a weekly competition or one for the holidays, you’ll be able to get your students to practise maths skills, whilst also having a whole lot of fun!

Sing Along to Times Tables SongsMaths Activity

Have a bit of a sing-along and use the Times Tables Songs on EducationCity in the Maths module. Available for the 2 x all the way to the 12 x Table, students can sing along to the fun, colourful animations and engaging songs, whilst learning important multiplication facts. The best part… they won’t even realise they’re learning!

Take It Outdoors

Not only with this innovative idea will children benefit from being outdoors because they’re learning maths, but they’ll also have the opportunity to grab some fresh air and a bit of physical activity too. You could teach maths outside in so many ways! We suggest perhaps hiding numbers and then getting students to find them and put them in order, or even searching for leaves and coming back into the classroom to discuss the different shapes and sizes found.

Being outside gives a refreshing view of a subject, helps with curiosity and team building, and possibly even further enhances mathematical development.

Show Them the Relevance

Maths Resource

So that your students are more engaged with what they’re doing in maths, why not bring elements of how they can use maths in the real world into their learning and demonstrate how it can be useful in real life? By bringing activities such as cooking and baking into learning, and telling the time, checking temperatures and even using money, students can learn valuable skills such as sorting coins or even adding up grocery bills.

Use ThinkIts to Open Up the Lesson

By starting the lesson with an engaging activity designed to inspire curiosity, you should have your students’ attention from the get-go. So, another innovative way to teach maths would be to use the ThinkIts on EducationCity, which are open-ended and lead to a discussion on a concept. Great for before the lesson begins and available for all years, ThinkIts are really easy to get your hands on and can be printed out or even shown on the whiteboard.

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