5 SATs Tips for Students in 5 Minutes

Lots of students across England will be getting prepared for their upcoming SATs Tests. With this, we thought we’d step in and offer students some top tips so that whether it’s revising or knowing how to feel calm before the exam, you’ve some ideas on how to stay positive and be prepared.

Let’s check out our 5 quick SATs tips for students…

1. Share Your Feelings

If you’re feeling slightly stressed or overwhelmed, make sure you turn to an adult you trust or your teacher to share any feelings. They can help you, and it’s much better to make your feelings known – as the saying goes, a problem shared is a problem halved.

2. Be Fully Prepared

To help you with feeling good about your tests, make sure you’re well prepared for the questions you’re going to face. This could mean creating a revision timetable to do away from school, or you could even use some of our recommended English and Maths Activities, to help you gain confidence.

3. Eat Well, Exercise Well & Sleep Well

By eating well, exercising in between revision to recharge the batteries and sleeping well too, you should be able to remember even more for your tests – it will also make you feel more positive too.

4. Use Breathing Exercises

If you’re feeling a bit stressed, we recommend just breathing in and out slowly around 10 times. You should be able to feel any negative feelings slip away, and it will put you in a great place for revision and the test itself.

5. Stay Positive!

Don’t forget to stay positive; do your best and keep smiling – you’re doing just great.

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