5 Tips to Help Keep Your Primary School Students Engaged

It can be a real challenge to keep all your students engaged all the time in lessons. We all know that sometimes, students get bored or disinterested and this can impact other students too.

To help you keep all your students engaged, we’ve come up with some top tips to support you in getting your students ‘learning-ready’ at all times!

1. Add Variety to Your Lessons

All students have a certain learning style they work better in. To ensure that you’re engaging all your students and adapting the lesson to all of them, try and make sure you’ve many different activities for your students to get involved with. We all have different ways we learn, whether that’s visually, by listening (auditory) or even practically (kinaesthetic), so it’s a good idea to have many different resources.

2. Offer Rewards

Another way you can keep students engaged is by offering some good old motivation. We all need a bit of motivation at times and the prospect of one increases achievement. For a reward, you could suggest that by completing activities, students are given a sticker or a certificate, or you could have fun extension activities for those fast finishers such as puzzles and games linked to the learning aim.

3. Take Learning Breaks

It’s a really good idea to give your students a rest sometimes so that they have better concentration. For a little break, you could stop the lesson after an activity and ask your students to run on the spot or jump up and down, to restart their attention again.

4. Keep the Task Focused

Make sure all the resources or activities you offer your students to do are relevant and appropriate to the lesson – try not to make anything too easy or too hard. Focus is the key!

5. Use Interactive Exercises

Computers are the modern way to get news and info because they’re interactive. Students want to interact with instructional materials you provide. Not only can you use EducationCity on computers in class, you can also get content that’s relevant for your lessons easily and be rest assured that your students are using content that meets curriculum objectives.

We hope these top tips help to keep your students engaged!