5 Top Tips to Reduce Marking and Save Time

So you’re a teacher – well, that probably means you’re very used to lots of marking!

Although marking is great for your students – not only does it show them where they are with a piece of work but it also helps them with grasping a subject area – it can sometimes take a lot of time and feel like you’ve too much marking to do.

We’ve come up with five top tips that you could use to reduce your marking and save yourself some time – take a look!

1. SuccessTracker

After your students have completed an Activity or Test on EducationCity, their scores are automatically recorded in SuccessTracker for you to track – it’s a great time-saver! It allows you to see all your students’ scores, and from this, identify strengths and weaknesses quickly and easily to help with future planning. It even offers the option to export scores so you can print them out for your own records too!

2. Mark Each Other’s Work

Where it’s appropriate, your students can mark each other’s work in lesson time whilst you read out the answers – this not only saves you time but gives timely feedback, and students can query anything in the lesson.

3. MyCity Tracking Tab

Progress Tracking ToolWhether you set a Classwork or Homework MyCity, your students’ work is automatically marked and recorded in the MyCity Tracking tab, saving you time. You can see what they’ve completed, their individual scores, how long they’ve spent on content, anything that’s in progress and what’s not yet been started – it’s really handy!

4. MySuccess

Saving you time and helping your students with their individual progress, in MySuccess, students can see their own scores on content they’ve completed. Displaying both their last attempt and best scores, as well as an option to replay content, this encourages students to try and achieve to their best ability, and saves you time finding follow-up materials.

5. Go Over What’s Wrong

If you’re seeing a mistake that your students keep getting wrong, why not go over the question in class rather than writing the answer in everyone’s books which could cost time? It’ll help mastery of the concept and be quicker than writing it out in everyone’s books.

Want to check out the assessment tools on EducationCity we’ve mentioned here? That’s easy to do – just sign up for a free trial.