5 Twitter Tips for Teachers

That’s how we know that some of you schools use Twitter as a communication tool to post about what you’re doing.

With this in mind, we thought we’d put some top tips together (which you may already put into practice) to help you make the most of Twitter.

Twitter is fantastic to use as a teaching tool and offers great opportunities to support learning and parental engagement. So if you’ve just started a Twitter page or if you’re already very familiar with tweeting, take a look at our tips!

Let Parents Know

By letting parents know about your school’s Twitter account, you can share your successes with them, and they can keep updated with what’s going on. It’s also a great way to get them more involved with learning and school life.

Jump on Hashtags

On your homepage, they’ll be lots of trending topics and themes which may be a good idea to jump on and use in your posts. Make sure you keep in touch with popular education hashtags too such as #EdChat, #EdTech and #Elearning.

Retweet the Cool Stuff

Share things with your followers and retweet things you find such as engaging links, pictures of an educational quote, a relevant news piece or an appropriate meme – just anything you know your followers will enjoy seeing.

Input Images

By adding a picture to a tweet, you’ll instantly turn your post into an eye-catching piece of information – they’re great to use so make sure you get on this if you can.

Check the Home & Notifications Tab

To keep in touch with what’s going on with your Twitter community, make sure you take a look at your Home tab and also the Notifications tab, which are great ways to keep updated with what your followers are doing.

Have any tips you’d like to share? Tweet us @EducationCity – we’d love to hear your thoughts!