5 Unique Ways to Use Educational Games (That You Might Not Have Considered)

Educational games are great to use in your classroom; they’re fantastic for engaging students and giving them motivation to learn concepts. But what can we do to make educational games unique? Let’s take a look at some of the ideas we have for you to try out on EducationCity.

Using Educational Games for Competitions

You could use educational games to set up friendly competitions between your students.

With EducationCity’s PlayLive, you have a great way of producing a quick competition. With the leaderboard on PlayLive Maths and English, you can challenge your class to beat each other’s high scores. What’s even better, they’ll be practising their word-making and vocabulary skills, as well as important mathematical concepts, as you can choose to take on questions in multiplication, division, addition or even subtraction. This is something that can be done away from school too, so it makes a great holiday competition! This leads us into our next unique way of using educational games.

Holiday Learning

With EducationCity’s Home Access, you can give your students many educational games to use over the holidays or as homework. This means they’re having fun whilst learning, and they’re also revisiting or exploring new concepts away from the classroom too. Home Access lets students either focus on what you set them via MyCity, or they can go and explore EducationCity and all the games on your subscription themselves via Pick and Play.

Sing-Along & Do ActionsPlayLive

Another unique way to use educational games is to bring about a physical element to learning. For instance, you can use EducationCity’s Times Tables Songs to introduce learning through song and then use the questions and answers section at the end to reinforce the learning. It’s also perfect for addressing different learning styles in your classroom too.

Use Activities to Learn from Each Other

The animated Activities, which are designed to test students on subject areas, can be used to work through new or revisited concepts as a class on the interactive whiteboard. This is another way to use educational games because you can all learn from each other and explain any mistakes a student might make, which is great for mastery.

Use Topic Tools for Whole-Class Discussion

Another interesting way you can use educational games is via our Topic Tools. Topic Tools are great for introducing a topic, and offer huge flexibility for you. This means that your students can come up to the board as a group and explore concepts. It’s a great way to physically and visually learn subject areas altogether as a class and gives you the opportunity to tailor your teaching the way you want to. Just check out the Teleprompter Topic Tool which lets you add in text you want and even choose the colour!

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