6 Super Simple Tips to Get Students’ Attention

Whether you’re a new or an experienced teacher, having some effective classroom management tips at hand is great for any teacher, and to create happy, positive learning environments too. To help you out with classroom management, we’ve 6 super simple top tips to share with you.

1. Reach Up and “Shh”

When your students are being a little noisy, one way you could get their attention is by sticking your hand up and putting your finger to your mouth as if to say “shh”. By showing them they should copy you back, you should soon get quiet back in the room and be able to carry on learning.

2. Get Moving!

Another way you could get students’ attention is to start the lesson by getting your students to do 2 minutes of light exercise. You could do anything that just gets the heart rate going like stretches or yoga.

It’s said that exercise can boost brain function, improve mood and increase learning – it gives you the energy your students need to be ready to learn!

3. Inspire Curiosity

This strategy is designed to help hold students’ attention and it’s easy to do too! Let your students know that if they pay close attention, there will be a fun task at the end of the lesson.

By holding back that part of the lesson, you’re giving your students a reason to pay attention. The fun task could be a class PlayLive challenge, or even an Activity Sheet from EducationCity to do.

4. Change Your Tone of Voice

Another way you may hold your students’ attention is by changing up the level and tone of your voice by lowering it or making it more assertive. It can signal to students it’s time to pay attention!

5. Reward Great Work

It’s no lie that most of us find rewards help with motivation, and by giving your students an offer of one for good work, you’ll probably be more likely to hold their attention. When your students have worked well, the Rewards Pack in the Staffroom on EducationCity, which has lots of resources like certificates and stickers, is perfect for you to get some ready-made rewards!

6. Use Competitions & Have Active Lessons

Many students enjoy tasks where there’s a bit of competition or active learning because it adds excitement to activities. Having competitions means you may be more likely to hold students’ attention and PlayLive is fantastic for this. What’s more, EducationCity’s resources can help you to introduce active learning into your lessons, and ThinkIts are great for encouraging class discussion.

If you don’t yet subscribe to EducationCity in your school, try out the award-winning resource and see how it can get your students’ attention with the features mentioned here, take a free trial.