6 Top Marking Strategies You’ll Love

Marking and giving feedback is a great way of improving students’ learning. Let’s take a look at the 6 top marking strategies you’ll love!

1. Student Marking

Firstly, you could get your students’ to mark their own or their classmates’ work in class. This is a time-saver for you and it means they can learn from each other’s mistakes or successes. It gives you the time to go through answers together too, if many students have something wrong.

2. Margin Marking

Instead of correcting every spelling, grammar or mathematical mistake, it might be a good option to put a mark in the margin for some of them for the students to find their own mistakes. This will be great for helping your students learn for themselves.

3. Find and Fix Your Mistakes

Rather than just marking answers as correct or incorrect on work, you could give your students some time to find and correct their mistakes either individually or as groups. This helps improve their understanding of what they got wrong and may work well for certain learning styles.

With MyRevision, students can take a Test and then work on what they got wrong and revise that area. All they have to do is use the Learn Screens and Activities that are pulled together from their Test score if they scored less than 100%. It’s perfect for fixing mistakes and gaining understanding.

Also, SuccessTracker, which automatically saves scores from Activities and Tests taken on EducationCity, lets you see where your students have made mistakes. You can see what they’re getting wrong and go over them together if needs be.

4. Aim for the Next Level

You could set your students high standards so they’re encouraged to go back to a piece of work and improve it if they didn’t score so well.

With MySuccess, students can use the Play Again function for any work on EducationCity they haven’t scored 100% on – it’s perfect for mastery and always aiming that little bit higher.

5. Stickers Can Save You Time

If you’re faster at typing than you are writing, you could use sticky labels and set up your word processor documents to meet the requirements of the sticker template. Then, all you need to do is put on your feedback and stick the sticker in. It’s a real time-saver!

6. Mark Books in Chunks

By marking books or work in groups of 5, you could make the marking task much easier and manageable. You might do 5 and have a break, and then, before you know it, you’ve already done another 5. It makes marking that little bit more bite-size, allowing you to fit it around other activities, which is a real bonus.

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