6 Top Tips for Classroom Organisation

Give Your Students Roles

It’s a great experience and a sense of responsibility for students to be given a role or task to do a certain job. Ask someone to be a register assistant or to hand out work or stationery to their classmates before a lesson.

Clean Up After Lessons

It might sound pretty simple, but if you make sure you clean up from one lesson before starting another, it’ll cut down on clean-up time meaning you can fully focus and preparing for the next.

Use To-Do Lists

Using a to-do list means you can prioritise your workload and know what you need to complete during the day – it’s a great way to plan your time too!


Using labels can be so handy! Label drawers, pots, books, shelves, anything – it’ll really help you get organised with where everything is.

Keep Paperwork Filed

Get some folders and plastic wallets and use them to file your own and your students’ work. This will keep you organised and mean you have a go-to file if you need to show any examples of work during staff meetings or parents’ evening.

Invest in a Calendar

Our final tip would be to get a calendar. With all the events that go on at school – birthdays, staff meetings, parents’ conferences, sports day – it’s important to keep right on track and be super prepared.

We hope you like our tips!

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