7 (and a Half) Ways Classes Wind Down for Summer

The countdown has begun! Many students and teachers are getting super excited for a well-deserved and much needed holiday.

As the school year winds down, classes do too. We’ve been catching up with a few teachers to ask them what they do with their classes to wind down for summer. Take a look at what they said below – and see if you do them too!

  1. Get your class to jot down their best bits: time to reflect on the year! What did your students improve on? What did they enjoy most?
  2. Play some fun games: classes can get outside on the school field and bring board games in to play.
  3. Film time! Are your class fans of any particular films? An afternoon of fun films is the perfect way to wind down.
  4. Sunny summer fetes: does your school have a summer fete so your students can celebrate summer? Roll up the tombola and the lucky dip!
  5. Write a passport: new classes are asked to fill out a ‘Passport to their New Academic Year’ so teachers can start to get to know their new students.
  6. Set a summer diary: set a summer diary for new classes to fill in so you can reflect on what they did when they come back after the holidays.
  7. Sack race or the egg and spoon… it’s Sports Day: does your school have a Sports Day at the end of the year? It’s no secret that these days can get quite competitive between the teachers, let alone the students!

7.5 Tip top teacher – you bring in gifts! Chocolate or pencils? A farewell to your class comes with gifts being given out to each and every student – what a fantastic class you’ve had!

Are there any other ways your class winds down? Why not let us know by tweeting them to @EducationCity?