7 SATs Revision Tips to Help Teachers in 7 Minutes

So the SATs are on their way, and this means that we know that many of you teachers will be preparing your students for the upcoming tests, particularly with helping them with their revision. To help you out, we thought we’d share a few revision tips and save you the time trying to find them.

So here we go… here are 7 quick SATs revision tips for you.

1. Use Games and Competitions

Introducing gamification to your students and revising number facts through fun competitions like PlayLive, or using an English Activity on EducationCity, will help keep students motivated to revise.

2. Revision Cards

By using revision cards with different colours and images, which will be great for visual learners, you can be using a fun way to help your students learn and revise.

3. Record Revision Notes

How about you get a recorder and get students to read their revision notes out loud? They can then use these recordings in their own time at home when they’re revising.

4. Get on EducationCity’s Tests

There are Tests available in Maths and Science and for Scotland and England, English too. They’re great for test prep and the types of questions that will be asked – you can also get a personalised Revision Journal too.

5. Get Quizzing!

Quizzes are so much fun and can be tailored to subject areas such as measurement or spelling. It’s a fun way to revise and when you mark answers altogether, you can all learn from each other.

6. Create a Revision Timetable

Give your students a revision timetable template to create their own timetable. You can add lots of EducationCity resources onto it for some quick revision at home with Home Access.

7. Find the Mistakes

Give your students cards with questions and answers on that are wrong and ask your students to see if they can spot the errors – this alternative way of revising will be a lot of fun. 

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