9 Top Tips for Classroom Organisation

So it’s safe to say that teachers are pretty awesome. With all the things they do in their day (see how you can save time)… it’s a great idea for them to stay super organised.

That’s why we’ve put together a handful of top secret organisational tips for you to steal and use in your classroom. Let’s take a look…

1. Create MyCities for as many lessons as you want

Use MyCities which let you plan your lessons in advance with all the EducationCity resources you need in one place. This is not only a great time-saver but an organisational superhero. MyCities are also great for making your planning more manageable as it splits lesson planning up into chunks.

Top tip! You can also use them year on year as they’re always saved in Manage MyCity – time-saver!

2. Give your students roles

Could do with a register assistant or group leaders to hand out work to their table? Set them up to help you with organisation! This will also help your students with responsibility too.

3. Clean up after lessons

It might sound really simple but if you make sure you clean up from one lesson before starting another, this cuts down on clean-up time and means you can fully focus on the next.

4. Prepare when it suits you

When do you plan best? It’s a good idea to make sure you know when’s best to plan for you and do it then – your efficiency levels may be a lot better and you may be more likely to finish tasks quickly.

5. Always leave a clean desk

Walked away and left your desk in a mess? We’ve probably all done it. By leaving your desk clear and organised, you’ll feel less swamped and more refreshed for the next day.

6. Use to-do lists

Using to-do lists means you can prioritise your work and know what you need to sort during the day – it’s a great way to plan your time too!

7. Get labelling

Use labels to your heart’s desire! Label drawers, pots, book boxes… anything… it’ll really help you get organised with where everything is.

We’ve some fab labels that can be printed out in the Staffroom on EducationCity – check them out.

8. Keep paperwork filed

Get some folders and plastic wallets and use them to file your own and your students’ work. This will keep you organised and mean you have a go-to file if you need to show any examples of work.

9. Invest in a calendar

So our final tip would be to get a calendar. With all the events that go on at school – birthdays, staff meetings, parents’ conferences – it’s important keep right on track.

We hope you like our tips! If you want to try out the lesson-planning tool, Manage MyCity, for yourself, sign up for a free trial.