A Great Day at St Giles’ Church of England Primary School

As one of our Hub Schools, we invited teachers and students in Years 2 and 6 to complete maths and English Tests on EducationCity and then do their Revision Journals that are generated from them.  

Revision Journals are set based on Test scores, and any Test that scores under 100% will deliver a Revision Journal to the student.  

St Giles took part in this to promote personalized learning and support their students in their SATs preparation. 

Following the Revision Journals being completed alongside some direct instruction from teachers, nearly 70% of students did better when retaking the Tests, which goes to show how important they are, and how they really do help.  

For their hard work, they were visited by Klara and our Implementation Manager, Katye, who gave certificates and prizes to the most improved students and best efforts for homework. You can see photos below! 

Whilst at the school, Katye also delivered a number of boards to the school to help them promote good behaviour and manners within their school. We’ve got some examples of these below. You can see what other kind of boards were available by clicking on our free resource, and can even print them for your classroom or school too! 

Thank you for having us, St Giles, we look forward to seeing you soon! 

If you’d like to find out about how EducationCity can support your school with assessment and personalized learning, get in touch with us by calling 01572 725080 or emailing customerservice@educationcity.com.