A school trip for the EducationCity.com artists!

We all love a good school trip, whether it’s a day out to the zoo or exploring a local park. Last week, our very own artists, Steff and Andrew, were invited to visit local school Brooke Hill Primary, and jumped at the opportunity! Very excited about their outing, Andrew and Steff sharpened their pencils, packed their bags, and dressed in their uniform before heading off for a morning in school to host their lesson. Steff and pupils from Brooke Hill Primary

Why the visit?

It’s all because Brooke Hill’s Year 3 and 4 class have been learning about different styles of art for their project, ‘through the eyes of the artist. It covered topics on:

  • Natural – they visited the woodland area and used Andy Goldsworthy as inspiration.
  • Cultural – Aboriginal art.
  • Still life – Cezanne
  • Abstract – Pollock
  • Shape – Kandisky/Klee

The children have written about and completed wonderful art pieces inspired by all these artists.  The last style they had to explore was Portraits and Mrs Hall, the Year 3 and 4 teacher thought it would be a perfect opportunity to collaborate with EducationCity.com and inspire pupils with a hands-on lesson in illustration. Andrew with Brooke Hill pupils

An impressive display

It was a great experience all round and the artists were extremely impressed with the children. ‘They got stuck right in and followed instructions really well’. 

“The children had a wonderful time working with the artists and were thoroughly engaged. They are all using the skills they were taught in their art work already. It was lovely to see them enjoying themselves.” Lynn Hall, teacher.

“I would have loved to have had a visit from a professional artist when I was in school. I hope the experience will allow the kids to ask questions and learn how our characters are drawn, designed, coloured and produced by hand before the computer stage.” Andrew Platt, EducationCity.com artist.

And here’s what the children thought:

“It was amazing. It's exactly what I would like to do for a job!” Jimi, Year 4 pupil

“It has improved my art skills and it was just such fun” Lottie, Year 4 pupil

“It has shown us how to draw faces properly” Jake, Year 4 pupil

“It has taught me how to draw and now I know how to draw faces. It was fabulous” Jenny, Year 4 pupil

“It was fantastic, especially the picture of Mrs Hall with chocolate!” Leo, Year 4 pupil