A Visit from an EducationCity User: Varee Chiangmai School’s ICT Co-ordinator, Jamie Kru

Varee Chiangmai School in Thailand are users of EducationCity so when their ICT Co-ordinator came over to EducationCity HQ, we got really excited to host his visit!

On Jamie’s visit, he had the chance to have a tour of EducationCity HQ and training headed up by Samantha Thompson, Varee Chiangmai School’s Account Manager at EducationCity.

Jamie found it really helpful because he said: “Following the EducationCity training in their office, I now feel confident in not only using EducationCity myself but also assisting other Varee Chiangmai School teachers.

He also told us: “As far as the students are concerned, they’ve given EducationCity a big thumbs up, they love using it.” We’re happy to have helped Jamie, and we’re glad the students love it!

What’s more, Jamie gave us some great feedback on his trip to the office: “My visit to EducationCity HQ was really fantastic. The staff at EducationCity were open, friendly and eager to assist.

“Thanks again for all Samantha’s assistance, including the follow up support Samantha and the team are giving.”

That’s excellent, Jamie – we’d like to thank you for coming on over to see us!

The photos on this blog show Jamie, Samantha and Kim Lynch (International Team Team Leader) on his visit.

If you’re a school outside the UK like Jamie’s, why not see what EducationCity can offer for you? Our dedicated International Team can tell you all about the great benefits EducationCity has for your school! Just call +44 (0)1572 725080 or email internationals@educationcity.com to get in touch.