Akif, from The Regent School in Abuja, Nigeria, Visits EducationCity!

On Wednesday 9th July, EducationCity was visited by Akif, a teacher from The Regent School in Abuja, Nigeria, following the school’s kind feedback we received about their highly positive experience using EducationCity (click here to read the blog).

Akif has reported on the visit: “Upon The Regent School’s very successful implementation of their much adored program, EducationCity, I was given the opportunity to visit their Headquarters by Samantha Thompson, International Account Manager.

“The building itself is spacious and has modern décor with a warm, comfortable and welcoming atmosphere. The noticeboard near the entrance has each staff member’s name and their avatar which gives a sense of fun and creativity. The working environment displays a sense of high team spirit.

“Without any delay, Samantha escorted me into their meeting room where we were joined by Jamie Southerington, International Manager. Samantha and Jamie then took me on a guided tour. I was shown the Marketing, Producer, Art and IT departments. I was made to feel very welcome as I noticed that whoever I met, they knew my name and about The Regent School.

“Samantha then presented EducationCity’s V2. The new version is more user-friendly and easy to work on. We also discussed the possibility of further online CPD sessions to introduce V2 to The Regent staff. It includes a new fully-fledged Computing module based on the new National Curriculum for England 2014.  

“Thank you to Samantha and EducationCity. Keep up the super work you are doing for our children.”

Samantha has also commented on the visit: “It was fantastic to put a face to the name and have the opportunity to show Akif V2 and meet our team here. Throughout the visit, Akif gave us nothing but positive feedback and comments on our new and exciting changes. It’s a great feeling knowing what a difference EducationCity has made to Akif’s school.

“I look forward to providing continued support and CPD sessions in the new term for all the staff at The Regent School, showing them the latest additions to the resource, in particular PlayLive French, which I know teachers will love!”

We are thrilled that Akif had such a brilliant time visiting EducationCity and we hope that The Regent School in Abuja, Nigeria enjoy the exciting upcoming implementation of V2 in September!

If you are an international school who wants to find out more or would like a FREE trial of EducationCity for your school, please contact our team by emailing internationals@educationcity.com or call +44 1572 725080.