All About… ‘I Would Like to Group Students’

Today, we’re going to focus on how you can group students in EducationCity.

Where Can I Find the Grouping Feature in EducationCity?

You can group students in Manage Users*, which is an area where Administrators and Teachers can view all the users set up on their EducationCity subscription, such as the Students, Classes and Groups on their account.

Administrators can add and delete users, upload users in bulk and more, whilst Teachers can group their Students to suit their class.

How Can the Grouping Feature Help Me?

  • Teachers can differentiate learning: via the grouping feature which is perfect for organising students into groups such as EAL, SEN and Pupil Premium – with groups, you can use MyCity to set particular work for your class’ ability levels.
  • Monitoring groups’ progress: in SuccessTracker and MyCity, which are perfect for seeing how a set of students are doing.
  • Ideal for intervention: as you can set up specific Groups for students who may need some extra practice on a certain subject area in MyCity to do in class or at home.

Keep in touch with the blog – we’ll be telling you more about the homepage next week so you can see even more ways it can help you.

*Please note that certain features will differ between the login types.

Heard About Wonde?

We’ve teamed with Wonde to make managing users easier for your school. Wonde means schools (Administrators can connect with Wonde) can sync their Management Information System (MIS) with EducationCity so students are automatically updated. You can read more about this here.