All About… The New Homepage

If you’d like to see a detailed overview of the homepages, view your Upgrade Summary – otherwise, read on to find out more.


Admin & Teacher Homepage


Teacher Homepage














Student Homepage

Student Homepage














Find Support with the Header Bar

In the header bar, Admins and Teachers can find Preferences (where Admins can edit school-wide settings), support options and User Guides. They can also find their user details and marketing preferences too.

Students won’t have these features but will be able to change their avatar, which is really fun!

Save Time with the Tiles

Select a tile to use one of the time-saving features that can help your teaching such as our lesson planning tool, MyCity.

Students will have different tiles such as Classwork or Homework where they can see what work you’ve set them, and MySuccess where they can view their scores.

Find Features Quickly

You can still find features quickly by going to the Admin/Teacher Features drop-down or the side bar, where Admins, Teachers and Students can quickly locate what they want.

Monitor Usage with Student Overview

Admins and Teachers can see when students last logged in, which is great for keeping up-to-date with usage.

See What’s New with Resources

Admins and Teachers can find our topical resources, printables and new content to keep updated with what’s new.

Make sure you keep your eyes peeled as we’ll be posting about the individual tiles over the next few weeks!


*The School homepage will look different but to access all the time-saving features, you’ll need to log in individually. You can view your Upgrade Summary here.