All About… The New ID Numbers in Search

Today though, we’re going to take you through more information on the ID numbers that now appear in Search. We’ll tell you more about what they are and how they’ll benefit your school.

What Is Search?

The Search feature lets you browse all of EducationCity for relevant material. You can add content to MyCities for lessons from here and find content that addresses a certain topic you’re covering, e.g., Time, Measurement, Space, etc.

What Are the ID Numbers?

Our latest upgrade to Search has seen ID numbers being added alongside all content. They appear in a blue box against search hits, so all you need to do is search for content and voilà, they’ll appear!

How Will the ID Numbers Benefit My School?

  • Makes finding content simple: teachers now have another way of finding content again simply. They just need to note the ID number of a piece of content and type it back into Search to locate it again.
  • You can recommend content easily: teachers and their colleagues can also recommend content by noting down an ID number of a piece of content and getting other teachers to type it into Search – handy!


If you want to find out more info on the new ID numbers in Search, feel free to give the team a call on +44 (0)1572 725080.

To see all the upgrades, see your Upgrade Summary.