All About… The New Manage Users Feature: Upload & Edit

What’s Manage Users?

Manage Users allows you to create individual logins for all of your users so that students’ scores are saved, and teachers can access Teacher Features.

What’s the Upload and Edit Feature?

The Upload and Edit feature in Manage Users lets you amend your existing users and add new ones simply all at the same time.

How Does the Upload and Edit Feature Work?

Take a look at our simple four-step process to see how Upload and Edit works…Manage Users

1. Upload your student data to EducationCity by either copying and pasting it, or uploading a CSV file after you press Upload and Edit in Manage Users.

2. Pick the column headers so it matches with your data.

3. Identify from your student data the new and existing EducationCity users, and correct any errors and warnings that might be presented here.

4. Finalise your data to ensure your students’ information is correct before pressing ‘Save’. Your students will now be added, updated or both! 

You can see more step-by-step information on how to do this in the User Guides section of EducationCity.

How Will the Upload and Edit Feature Benefit My School?

  • Updating students is simple: it makes editing many students at one time easier as you can edit them in one place in bulk.
  • Edit and add students together: whilst editing students, you can also add new ones at the same time, so it makes the process of adding and updating students’ information quick and easy.
  • Perfect for the new school year: it’s easy to edit many students in bulk if they’ve moved classes for the new academic year, and you can also add your new intake at the same time – perfect!


To find out more about the Upload and Edit feature, feel free to give us a quick call on +44 (0)1572 725080.