All About the New Tests for Scotland

We’re really excited to tell you about our new tablet-friendly Spelling, Punctuation and Grammar Tests we’ve released for Scotland.

Each Test has been produced to test students on key areas of spelling, punctuation and grammar across the First and Second Levels. With over 2,300 questions that test students to the Curriculum for Excellence objectives, these Tests are great for supporting the teaching of spelling and grammar in schools.

The Tests are organised in the following way:

First *, First ** & First ***

  • Grammar and Punctuation
  • Spelling

Second *, Second ** & Second ***

  • Grammar and Punctuation
  • Spelling

Education Lead at EducationCity, Patrick Mainprize, comments: “Nicola Sturgeon has said that improving the education of children in Scotland is ‘arguably the most important objective’ for her government.

“We’ve released our Literacy tests for teachers in Scotland ahead of the new standardised assessments, to help all students prepare for their tests and to support teachers in raising literacy levels overall. The tests draw from a huge bank of specially written questions, and will provide an invaluable supplement for both teachers and students alike.”

Where can I find the Tests?

The Tests are in the Literacy module on EducationCity – just select Literacy on the homepage, choose a level and then Tests – super simple!

Can I assess students’ test performance?

After a student has taken a Test, you’ll be able to view all their scores in SuccessTracker.

Make sure you use your Revision Journal

When a Grammar and Punctuation Test has been completed, your students can take advantage of the Revision Journal that is generated from it. To find these, students just need to visit MyRevision.

What’s a Revision Journal?

After taking all Tests (except Spelling Tests), a personalised Revision Journal is generated to help students revise and improve. A range of Activities and Learn Screens are gathered together based on their previous Test scores so students can focus on areas of improvement.

To see the new Literacy Tests and get your students to do them, log in to EducationCity.