All About… The New ThinkIts

What Are ThinkIts?

Cross-curricular teacher-led tools developed to encourage critical thinking in the classroom, ThinkIts are designed to be used as a lesson warm-up or to elicit students’ higher order thinking skills.

How Have ThinkIts Changed?

  • New designs: you can now access ThinkIts just like all the other content on EducationCity, which makes it really easy to view them and find them again.
  • Tablet-friendly: they’ve been upgraded so they’re all tablet-friendly and they’ll work on your schools’ tablets.
  • Question and Answer PDFs: teachers can access both the question and answer PDFs for each ThinkIt, but students can only access the question PDFs, which makes your control of what students can see much easier, and the ability to print them out easy too.


How Will ThinkIts Benefit My School?

  • Great for critical thinking: with ThinkIts, you can encourage your students to think critically altogether and look outside the box for an answer.
  • Engages students: you can use ThinkIts to flexibly engage students in either pairs, groups or even as a whole class, and discuss them altogether.


ThinkIts for You to Try…

We’ve picked out three ThinkIts for you to have a look at. Just search their ID numbers in Search!

Key Stage 1 (Science)

#14097: Natural Resources

Lower Key Stage 2 (Maths)

#13917: Multiply with Multiple Digits

Upper Key Stage 2 (English)

#14157: Parenthetical Elements


To find out more info on the new ThinkIts, just get in touch with our team on +44 (0)1572 725080.


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