All About… Using Topic Tools as Lesson Plenaries

Familiar with our Topic Tools? We wanted to share with you how you can use these handy interactive lesson aids to suit not only your lessons but your students as well.

Lesson plenaries round off and summarise a lesson. They are excellent and interactive and can help students understand a new topic, as well as encourage critical thinking in the classroom. Read below to hear why we think our Topic Tools are perfect as lesson plenaries…

What are Topic Tools? 

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Topic Tools are flexible teacher-led tools and are perfect for introducing or exploring a topic on a whiteboard, whether it's for teaching a small group, a whole class or used as reinforcement for groups and individuals. 

Why are Topic Tools perfect as lesson plenaries? 

  • You can customise them: some Topic Tools let you add your own data which means you can tailor them to the lesson. Perhaps you want to input some data after an experiment you’ve done to evaluate it – you can do this in the Charts Topic Tool.

o   Charts Topic Tool: add your own data and choose from the charts available (bar charts, line graphs, etc.) – it’ll save you time preparing a chart yourself and will allow you to input data easily.

  • You can use them to check for understanding: there’re some Topic Tools that are great for checking understanding and testing your students! You could test your students with them individually, as a group or a class.

o   Phonics Screening Check Topic Tool: this is great to use all year round and gives great practice for the Phonics Screening Check.

To find out more about the Phonics Screening Check Topic Tool and how it can help you, check out our super cool Snippet here.

  • They can reinforce topics: they’re great for reinforcing a topic at the end of a lesson – you can also save your Topic Tool data or text to use in a future lesson so it’s all prepared for you to show.

o   Grow a Plant Topic Tool: you could use this to reinforce learning on plants and check your students understand the conditions needed for a plant to grow.

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