An Easy, Simple Way to Learn Your New Students’ Names…

So you’ve got a new class with new students, and that means you have to learn a whole new set of names!

Within the Back to School Pack, we’ve provided you with some really helpful name badges to help you do just this.

The fun, vibrant and colourful designs make them a great hit with students and we even have different ones with different EducationCity characters on. They can be printed on normal paper or labels, just check them all out…

My name is… (Chip)

My name is… (Klara)

My name is… (Manu)

My name is… (Meg)

My name is… (Sten)

My name is… (Stig)

We’ve even got some that you can print on circular label paper (the diameter for these is 37mm). Take a look at these…

My name is… (Klara)

My name is… (Stig)

We’re sure you’ll agree with us that that these name badges are really handy for learning names! We hope you enjoy using them!

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