An Update on Web Browsers from Microsoft

We’re on a mission to make sure schools are updating their web browsers to the latest versions, not only to access EducationCity as smoothly as possible but to get the best Internet experience too.

What’s more, we’ve just found all the more reason to do it! Even Microsoft are recommending that all Internet Explorer (IE) users should update their web browsers.

It’s been recommended because the technology company is ending its security updates for older versions of its IE browser. This means anything older than IE 10 could be unsafe and slow to use.

So, this means it’s important to update your web browsers and alongside Microsoft, we’d recommend getting yours updated to the latest version whatever web browser you use. Not only does it mean you’ll get improved security, you’ll get faster access, as well as fewer crashes and reduced screen freezes.

To see if your web browser needs updating, you can use our quick and easy-to-use Web Browser Checker, just click here.

If you want, you can read the full article about Microsoft and web browsers here.

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