Another Great Testimonial! have received another great testimonial from Mark Sanderson, Senior ICT Consultant with the Learning and Achievement Service:

“We bought a 2-year subscription to for all our primary schools 2 years ago. Teachers have been delighted with the content of this package and most impressed with how easy it is to find appropriate learning and teaching resources and then to use them in a variety of ways. It bears all the hallmarks of a set of materials from a company that understands schools' needs and listens to, then responds to their feedback.         

I've been most impressed with the way the product has developed over the last two years and I've constantly been kept on my toes in terms of training. Each time I stand in front of a group of teachers there is something new or that has improved.

I'd also like to pay tribute to the excellent service that we have received from staff at, in particular Kieran and Jessica. They have always responded to requests for help promptly and efficiently. The process of procurement has been most efficient bringing real benefits for schools in terms of greater flexibility and reduced costs. Our relationship with the personnel that we deal with on a regular basis could not be better.”