Are your Students using EducationCity’s Home Access this Summer?

Have you heard about how EducationCity’s Home Access can benefit students over the summer? Home Access provides students with access to EducationCity throughout the entire summer holiday and with this, summer learning loss can be minimised! In particular, with Home Access, children’s skills in the core subject areas of English and Maths can be maintained!

What’s more, it’s so flexible to use as students can access it anytime, anywhere!

Interested? Find out more by clicking here. Alternatively, you can add Home Access to your subscription today by simply calling us on 01572 725 080 or emailing

Updating Parents and Students about V2

Have you reminded your students' parents about the changes V2 will bring when it’s launched over the summer? It will look and feel different but they can still access the same engaging content and Homework as before.

Remember, V2 will integrate the new National Curriculum in England, including our new Computing module and PlayLive French challenge.

It will bring the EducationCity content you love via a brand new platform with a refreshed, modern look and feel. What’s more, you will be able to access it via mobile devices, enabling you and your students to access EducationCity anytime, anywhere.

If you haven’t reminded your students’ parents, then why not remind them by using the letter we have created? To access it, click here.