Assessment Preparation with EducationCity’s Assessments, Automatic Marking & Personalisation Tools

That’s why we wanted to offer a helping hand and go over some of the ways you can carry out formative and summative assessments in your classroom with EducationCity, automatically see results and get personalised learning tools too! All this to help with your continued assessment preparation and for gaining the insight you need to support your instruction.

Summative Assessment with EducationCity

Our summative assessments are ideal for using at the end of a period of learning. These appear in maths, English and science, and can be used at the end of the academic year or term to test students’ learning, so you can see progress. They give you data and reports for you to see where gaps may lie and discover where immediate and appropriate intervention is required.

You can use these and our unit assessments in maths to check areas of understanding, which is ideal for your assessment preparation.

You can try a unit assessment here.

Formative Assessment with EducationCity

Focusing on a certain topic or subject area, our formative assessments are ideal for giving you insight into students’ progress too! Also appearing in maths, English and science, the formative assessments on EducationCity are ideal for evaluating where children are at in their learning. Depending on the results, you’ll be able to gain valuable insights to help you review any planned instruction to help with students’ growth. This is ideal for supporting you with your own assessment too.

You can try a formative assessment here.

Geometry Unit Assessment
Geometry Unit Assessment

Not sure what assessments we have? Over 90! Take a look at our range below.

Assessment Table

*Based on the National Curriculum 2014 map.

Data Reporting for Differentiation & Personalisation

It’s not just assessments that can help with preparation though, it’s our data reporting tools too!

With EducationCity’s assessments, every score for every question is automatically saved (so we take away the hard work of marking!).

Assessment Report

This means you can:

  • Save Yourself Time and let EducationCity do the hard work for you! With our data reporting, work is automatically marked so you can analyse it easily for remediation.
  • Analyse Individuals’ Knowledge Gaps to help with growth and improving students’ overall performance.
  • Manage Different Student Abilities so you can tailor instruction to each student’s needs. You can see each how each student did alongside an objective, and group similar students to help with intervention.

Download our data visualisation guide here for more info.

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Revision Journals with EducationCity

And how can we forget our Revision Journals, which are absolutely ideal for automatic personalised learning and assessment preparation. Revision Journals are generated based on assessment results*, and are made up of Activities and Learn Screens that are targeted at the questions where students didn’t score so well or may have misunderstood, so they’re ideal for personalised learning – take an assessment and ask your students to try one today!

*Our Reading, Spelling and Maths Summative assessments do not generate a Revision Journal.

These features are ideal for your assessment preparation and helping you with seeing where any misconceptions or weaknesses can be addressed. You can try EducationCity’s assessments now by taking a free trial too to help with your preparation.