Back to School Checklist for Teachers

It’s nearly time to go back to school and while we hope you had a wonderful break, we’re excited to have you back!

To make sure your school’s getting the most from your subscription, we’ve put together a handy checklist for you to ready yourself on EducationCity. Take a look!

Update Your Users

If you’ve any Students, Teachers, Groups or Classes you need to delete on EducationCity, you can do so with Manage Users. Your Admin user can delete them by ticking the box next to a name, Group or Class and using the Actions drop-down menu to delete them – simple!

Upload New Teachers & Students

In Manage Users, you can upload any new Students and Teachers. You can easily bulk upload new classes and teachers via Upload Classes/Teachers or even add individual users by pressing Add Student/Teacher.

Don’t forget to upload any new groups too if you need to!

Print Student Logins

Great for sticking in homework books or handing out as display cards, you can print off students’ logins. To do this, simply tick the Students, Class or Group you want to print logins for and use the Actions drop-down to select Print Logins – easy!

Let Parents Know About EducationCity

If you’ve Home Access*, you can easily tell parents about their child’s access to EducationCity with our ready-made letter.

Sign Up for a FREE Demonstration

If you’d like a quick refresher session of EducationCity or you’d like to introduce EducationCity to your new teachers who haven’t seen it, our Customer Service Team is on hand to deliver demonstrations. Just choose a time and date that’s good for you here.

NEW Upgrades

Exciting news! We’ve just had lots of fantastic upgrades including NEW PlayLive, Times Table Activities and Avatar Select! See your Upgrade Summary.

If you need any support with EducationCity, we’re always here so get in touch. Simply give one of our friendly team a call on +44 (0)1572 725080.

*Home Access is available at an additional cost.