Back to school – we’ve missed you!

Welcome back teachers! I have to say it's been a lonely few months without you all, but don't worry, we've been busy creating lots of fab new stuff for you, from modules and features to upgrades!Colour in

In preparation for your new classes, I'd highly recommend you join our 'back to school' webinar hosted by the lovely Jessica. Here's the details and some back to school tips…

Back-to-School Webinar

Back to school and an essential guide to what's new including:

  • Annual Class Transfer
  • Uploading class lists
  • What’s new: ThinkIts, Student Login, Learn English, myCity folders

Date: 20th September

Time: 3.45pm (duration, 45 mins max)


Annual Class Transfer

To make life easier, we have a handy feature that helps you move and remove pupils within your current SuccessTracker classes – the Annual Class Transfer feature.

This can be found within the Teacher Area in the Pupil Management section. Just follow the user guide to automatically transfer the pupil and his/her work across to their new class.

Set up a new class

To set up your new classes in SuccessTracker, simply send a password-protected, zipped Excel spreadsheet of your class and pupils' names to, giving your school name and postcode to help us identify your school. Click here for instructions on how to prepare your Excel file.

To organise a full demonstration of over the phone for your new teachers or those in need of a refresher, call us on 0844 225 3060.