BBC’s Terrific Scientific: Exercise and the Human Body Investigation

Well, right now, the BBC are running a number of investigations for schools to take part in. They’ve had investigations on trees, forces and time, but their next one, which is running between August and October, is all about exercise and the human body.

You can find out more info from the BBC about this investigation here, but for now, we wanted to tell you about all the content we’ve pulled together to support your lessons on the human body and which can be used alongside this part of the investigation.

We’ve found Learn Screens, Activities, Topic Tools and more, for EYFS, and Key Stage 1 and 2, to support you. All the learning and teaching resources can be found on EducationCity really easily too – all you need to do is use Search to find them!

Let’s take a look at the content you could use to support your lessons on the human body…

Learn Screens

Year 1

From Head to Toe: #25587 – Click the names of the exterior body parts to see where they are located on the body.

Science Activity

Sense and Sense Ability: #25588 – Explore the senses and which body part is associated with each one.

Year 2 & 6

Same but Different: #12947 – Describing the similarities and differences between humans.

Year 4

Brace Yourself: #22458  – Explore key vocabulary used when identifying the different types of teeth in humans.

Year 5

Grow Up: #25591 – Keywords used when describing the stages of human life.

All Changes: #14946 – See the basic changes in the stages of life as humans develop from birth to old age.

Year 6

What Goes In…: #25562 – Follow the journey of nutrients and water through the body, including how they are transported to areas of the body where they are needed.

All in Vein: #25623 – Explore key words for the human circulatory system, the functions of its organs and the transportation of nutrients and water around the body.

Science Activity



Wrap Up! #1090 – Select the correct clothes for various parts of the body for cold weather.

Year 2

Basement Lab: #528 – Indicate location of named parts of the body.

Same but Different: #6190 – Compare and contrast physical features of humans.

Year 3

Basement Lab: #563 – Indicate the common name of different bones in the human body.

Year 6

Science Tool

Basement Lab: #575 – Identify the different organs and functions of the circulatory system.

Topic Tools

Key Stage 1 & 2

Body Systems: #2247 – Identify and correctly locate organs with a human model.

Bones: #2262 – Place bones on a body and outline and label them.



Exercising: #13696 – In what ways might I feel different after exercising?

Word Search

Another handy Topic Tool we have is the Word Search feature. Available in all years in the Science module, the Word Search tool can be used alongside your school’s BBC Terrific Scientific investigation on exercise and the human body. You can add the words you want into your word search, print it out for your class and they can do it as an activity. Perfect!

To see the content above for yourself, log in to EducationCity or watch the video. Be sure to look out for more resources from EducationCity on these investigations in the future.