Beating Holiday Learning Loss

Planning Work with Manage MyCity

With MyCity, you can plan work in advance for your students to access over the holidays.MyCity

MyCity lets you simply and easily group content together in one place and then assign it for students to complete, so it’s a perfect time-saver for you.

You can just add all the resources you want and allocate it to different students or classes – great for differentiated learning!

Accessing Work at Home

With Home Access, students can also access any work you’ve set them over the holidays in a MyCity whenever they want, so they can continue their learning, or they can play any resources they have on your subscription themselves.

This lets parents engage with their child’s learning so they can support them and see their achievements too – perfect for helping combat summer learning loss.

Tracking Students’ Progress Over the Holidays

It’s easy to track your students’ progress over the holidays! SuccessTracker and the Tracking tab in MyCity allow you to easily see students’ Activity and Test scores as they’re saved automatically, so it’s super simple to identify your students’ strengths and weaknesses.

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Don’t forget to take a look at our free resources too – we’ve lots of resources that would be great for some holiday learning and they’re easy to download too!