Best Picks of 2011: The Content Awards

It has been an exciting and busy month here at Not only have we been winners at the BETT Awards but today in the office the Production team held their first ever Best Picks 2011 Awards! The team voted for what they felt was the best overall content in Topic Tools, Activities, Learn Screens and Year 2 ThinkIts.

The results were as follows:

Topic ToolsHabitats

1st place: Habitats (Science: UK Years 2-6) Students create models of habitats using animal and creating animal relationships.

2nd place: Charts Upgrade (Maths: UK Years 1-7).

3rd place: Mind Map (Literacy: UK Years 1-7), Aujourd'hui (French: UK Years 3-6), Rock Sorting (Science: UK Year 3), Storyspace (Literacy: UK Years 1-7).

ActivitiesShape Spin

1stShape Spin – an innovative and fun way to teach the properties of shapes (Maths: UK Years 1 and 2).

2nd: Clap Your Hands (Literacy: UK F1), Brothers Grimm (Literacy: UK Year 4).

3rd: Speed Bumps (Science: UK Year 4), Party Planner (Maths: UK Year 6).

Learn ScreensDragon's Pendant

1st: Dragon's Pendant (Literacy: UK Year 4) – an exciting way for children to learn and understand how behaviour can be interpreted from different viewpoints.

2nd: In Character (Literacy: Will be live shortly).

3rd: Strictly Talented (Maths: UK Year 5).

Year 2 ThinkIts

1st: Number Machine (Maths ID 59): Looks at pairs of numbers, Sticky Watermelon (Literacy ID 132): Writing an ending for sentences.

2nd: Garden Animals (Science ID 110).

3rd: Marble Block (Maths), Treasure Chest (Literacy ID 71).

What a busy and successful year the Content Development Team have had! We would like to thank and congratulate them on having such a great year and we look forward to more fantastic new additions in 2012!

Do you agree or disagree with these choices? Please let us know what you think!