Blog take over – Week 2

I am already into my second week at and I can't believe how quickly my placement is going!  I must be having fun 🙂 

This week I have really enjoyed getting into the swing of using Skype in the workplace. This form of communication is used as a way to talk to people across the different offices in the building. It has been interesting to see a different way of using a computer tool to communicate – especially when I have been talking to education consultants in the US. 

This has got me thinking into how Skype can be used in the classroom!? Let me know what you think! How do you use Skype? Do you use Skype at all?

I have also been looking at the new sing-along activity for Literacy Foundation that focuses on the alphabet and highlights the vowel sounds. I think the children will really love to sing-along to this! I'm really looking forward to using the activity in my classroom and here are some images to show you what is to come:

Owls Screen Shot 1Owls 2 Screen Shot

Emma x