Blog Takeover – Day 2 & 3

A blog takeover from Lucy, our work experience student, where she tells us all about her work at on Tuesday and Wednesday.

Day 2:

Hello again 🙂 I am now on my second day of work experience here at

I arrived bright and early this morning, over half an hour before I was due to start!! So I spent some time in the breakout area getting to know some other colleagues.

Once again, I have been working in the production department. My first task today was to check through the French activities on the website for any spelling or grammar errors.

Then, I was set the task of doing some research for some possible developments here at the company!! Keep your eyes peeled for more in the future! I've also been reading some customer comments about the site, and sorting them out into catergories, so I've been kept very busy!

My time here is just flying; I'm almost half way through, after two exhausting, but interesting, days. Tomorrow I will be going into the Sales department and also doing some accountancy, so wish me luck!!

Day 3:

Today, I've experienced the Internal Finance and Sales room. It is very different to the Producers' room where I have spent my time so far this week.

Firstly, the noise levels in there are much higher! Phones are constantly ringing and the sales people are always talking!! I was able to listen into some sales calls today from a headset. It was very interesting to see how different people responded to the prospect of using EducationCity. I also got an insight into customer service, administration and marketing, which were all very interesting, but very complex! My last task before heading back to production was to help out in the Accounts department. I looked at invoices and orders and helped to file them.

To get a taste of the Internal Finance and Sales room was fascinating, as it was such a stark contrast to the Producers' room.

On arrival back into production, I had a quality control task to complete, to ensure EducationCity was free of any errors!!

Tomorrow I will be visiting yet another department in the company: the art studio. I have had some clues about what tasks I might be participating in but I am still to know for sure! It is all very intriguing! I will tell you what I end up doing in my Thursday blog!

Goodbye from yet another brilliant, but exhausting, day!!

Lucy 🙂