Blog Takeover II

After a great time last week at, I have been lucky enough to have been able to spend a second week here.

This week I have been doing something totally different as HR Manager, Kate Sanderson, gave me a special project to do. She wanted me to find out all about the national business quality awards that companies can apply for. My task was to research three different awards and to choose which one I think should concentrate their time and resources on. At the end of the week I did a presentation to Kate and Head of Marketing, Sayle Davis, where I recommended which award I thought the company should go for and gave reasons for my decision.

As well as this research, I have been finishing off my Maths-related ThinkIts and thinking about what they should look like. I have been researching ThinkIts based around Number Day, particularly looking at resources for Year 4. The producers are going to review my work and if it is of a suitable standard, I will be invited back to the review meeting, after which they may be published!

Yet again, I have had an amazing week. I have really enjoyed my time at If I had the chance, I'd do it again! Thank you once again everyone!