Blog Takeover! The students are here again!

At the end of the Summer term, played host to two local students for work placements. Here's what they had to say about their time with the team:


Lewis working at EducationCityI suppose I hadn’t really thought about what it would really be like during my 5-day placement at But there was no need to worry as it was all planned out for me; a two-page document telling me what I would be doing, when I would be doing it and who was going to supervise me had been created weeks before. I have to say that I had no idea what most of the activities on my list meant, but soon I would be a whiz in understanding the different sections and roles within the company and know a load of technological jargon as well!

First on my list for the week was a welcome tour around the offices to introduce me to the teams and what they did. Further activities throughout the day allowed this understanding to develop, and helped my ever-increasing interest in computer programming grow. As the week progressed I met nearly all the Content Development team, learning new things every minute and pushing my future plans towards a career in web design forward. Things got more interesting the more I found out and quite honestly this is a learning experience I will never forget.

The concepts I learnt about cannot be taught in a classroom. The best way to get them drilled into your head is to hear them from the professionals. I make no mistake by calling these guys pros either; each and every brain in the Programming Department had gone through years of experience and they were the best of the best, the cream of the crop. To an ordinary person who knows little about the coding behind everything we do in day-to-day life, they all seem like rocket scientists.

Overall, after an action-packed work experience at, I am extremely pleased with my choice of placement and would recommend it to any Year 10 student looking for an interesting, exciting and enjoyable workplace to visit.


Ben working at EducationCityI applied for for my work experience because I’ve always wanted to be a graphic designer when I finally leave school. So when this opportunity came around I grabbed it and that choice has not let me down, because at I have been working with new software and equipment that I never thought I would use.

I have been working very closely with the Art Department and they have given me their full attention throughout my week here. I have enjoyed every minute and it has really cleared my mind in helping me choose what I want to get from life.

I want to say a great big thanks to for letting me learn new skills and overall treating me like I was just another employee working alongside you.

Thank you!