Brand new Literacy activity for Year 3 – ‘Terror Temple’

So when we said that was taking a well earned break, that wasn’t quite true… whilst most of the staff are off gallivanting on their summer holidays, we still have a dedicated team working hard on activities, Topic Tools and tests to make sure you are in plentiful supply of fresh, fun filled content for your return to school.

Education game tiger rhinoceros swimming poolSo here is the latest Literacy gem to add to your activity portfolio, none other than the dangerous adventures of ‘Terror Temple’ for your Year 3 pupils.

This adventure will take you to the dark caves of the ancient ‘Terror Temple’, where you will help Klara to save the day by identifying different types of words, nouns, verbs and adjectives.

Accompanying the activity is one of our rather fabulous ‘Learn Screens’, just perfect for your lesson starter and a Teacher Zone, providing you with printable worksheets and a handy feedback form.


We hope you enjoy this activity as much as we do!