Brand New Literacy Topic Tool!

We are starting the week off with the launch of a brand new Topic Tool, Playing With Meaning!

The Playing with Meaning tool is an editing tool that enables teachers to create a group exercise for changing/improving the language of a text.

Words can be replaced with more interesting alternatives, be they synonyms, antonyms or words with a completely different meaning! Additional detail and punctuation can be added. Superfluous words and punctuation can be removed. All of this can be done via the tool’s simple drag and drop interface.      

In the Setup screen, teachers can choose to either paste in their own content, or use the ready-prepared content contained within the tool’s Text Bank. Each text within the Text Bank comes with an associated list of alternative vocabulary for use in the 2nd (Play) screen.

As example uses for the Topic Tool, the Text Bank contains extracts that let you:

• transform a character’s description;
• modify a setting;
• change key details in a plot;
• give ‘flat’ English more life;
• turn ‘fuzzy’ imprecise language into clear language; and
• change hyperbole into more formal English.

Make adventurous word choices! Reflect on vocabulary! Show imagination in language to create emphasis, clarity, humour, atmosphere, and suspense!

The Playing with Meaning Topic Tool contains Save and Open options to let teachers create exercises in advance, or save those that are a work in progress. The Print option lets teachers print a worksheet or a record of work that has been carried out within the tool. As with all of our English Topic Tools, the Playing with Meaning tool contains the Reading Colours option to aid those who experience visual stress.

The Playing with Meaning Topic Tool can be found in:

• England – Years 2 to 7
• Scotland – First ** to Second ***
• Wales – Years 3 to 7
• Northern Ireland – P4 to P7