Brand NEW Sports ThinkIts

We are pleased to say that we have released TWO brand NEW ThinkIts as part of our Games page!

After all the recent Wimbledon excitement, ThinkIt ID 242 is for Year 2 Science and is based around a tennis theme. It looks at why tennis players eat a banana during their matches.

ThinkIt ID 24 is a Year 4 Science question and looks at heart rates which two different types of athletes competing in a sporting event have. This question is definitely suited to all the summer sporting events which will be happening during the summer.                  

What’s more, these ThinkIts can be used as part of any homework activities which have been set for pupils during the summer. They are ideal as they tie in with all the sporting events and ensure learning attainment levels are not lost during the summer.

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We will be releasing two more ThinkIts this coming Friday!