Brand New! ThinkIts Browse

We are pleased to announce yet another great feature…ThinkIts Browse!

Browse is a quicker and simpler way to view and select from all available content within ThinkIts.

How does Browse work?

ThinkIts Browse functionRather than a teacher seeing a randomly selected ThinkIt each time, they can now choose to open the Browse panel which will provide them with a list of all ThinkIts available. By default, this will adhere to the parameters set in the drop down menus. The drop down menus can still be used with the panel open, and the results will update at the same time. However, should the teacher wish to see every question available (regardless of academic level) then they can select the ‘Show all’ option.

The Browse button is located at the top of the ThinkIts window. The Browse feature will save time when you are searching for the ideal ThinkIt and allow you to see a wider range of ThinkIts to use in lessons.

We hope you enjoy our brand new feature!