Brooke Hill Academy Visits EducationCity HQ

We’ve been lucky enough to have a recent visit from a group of students at Brooke Hill Academy in Oakham.

The students, who go by the name of the Technobuddies at school, had loads of fun seeing all the things we do here at EducationCity HQ.

The Technobuddies were first taken on a tour of EducationCity where they found out about all of the different departments and what they do. Then, the Education Team played an Activity with them where they brushed up on their skills with rounding up numbers.

After all that maths, the Technobuddies had a welcome little break with some snacks and goodies! It wasn’t long before they were back to work with a PlayLive Maths session; they all grew really competitive with addition, subtraction and multiplication! 

Jessie, Year 6, said: “I love EducationCity because of PlayLive. It helps me with my maths”.

The Technobuddies’ visit ended with a session from the creative geniuses of EducationCity, the Art Team, where they were asked to draw and design their very own characters – and they were incredible!

Thanks for visiting us Brooke Hill Academy and the Technobuddies. We all had such a great time and we hope you had as much fun as we did!

(Check out the some of the other photos from the visit in the gallery below!)