Celebrate and Sparkle for Diwali and Bonfire Night!

With Diwali starting on Sunday and Bonfire Night on Tuesday, we're all set for a super-sparkling time!

If you've not done so already, why not take a look at our Diwali Topical Resources? Click here to access them. There are Fact Sheets that detail what Diwali is all about, as well as Lesson Plans to help your pupils both explore more and get creative by making their own Rangoli patterns.

Then we have Bonfire Night on Tuesday, which celebrates the discovery of the Gunpowder Plot. On the 5th of November, 1605, Guy Fawkes planned to blow up the Houses of Parliament, including King James I, but the plot was discovered at the last minute and Parliament was saved!

Every year since, big bonfires have been built in towns and cities across the UK, where effigies of Guy Fawkes are burnt and brilliant displays of fireworks are let off, to remember the day in history.

To bring some fireworks safely into your classroom, try out our ‘Sparkler’ activity in Literacy/English, available in:

  • England – F2 and Year 2
  • Scotland – Early *** and First ***
  • Wales – Year 3
  • N. Ireland – P1 and P4

… or have a go at our Bonfire Night-themed word search!

Have fun! And remember to stay safe and follow the Firework Code at all times!