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Celebrating Shakespeare Week 2018?

Shakespeare Week takes place this month and runs between the 12th and 18th March. To celebrate, we wanted to tell you about some EducationCity content you could try, to help bring Shakespeare to life in your classroom.

Celebrating Shakespeare Week 2018?

Shakespeare Week is a national, annual celebration and was created by the Shakespeare Birthplace Trust, who work with primary schools and organisations to offer enjoyable Shakespearean experiences to children and their families.

Celebrate the world of Shakespeare with your students, with our great Topic Tools and Learn Screens found within our English module – enjoy!

Here we go…

Text Features Topic Tool (#2130-#2132)Text Features Topic Tool

This Topic Tool is brilliant for helping your students develop their understanding of how a range of fiction and non-fiction texts are written and the features of each one.

Within Text Features, you’ll find Sonnet 18, or otherwise known as the ‘Shall I compare thee to a summer’s day?’ poem, where you can preview the text and edit it.

A perfect way to use this is to pop it up on your whiteboard in front of your class, as a way to first introduce a Shakespeare poem. You could even ask students to go to the front of the class and highlight different features of the text, e.g., one colour for adjectives, another for nouns, etc.

To Edit or Not to Edit Learn Screen (#22622-#22625)

These Learn Screens are perfect for encouraging students to evaluate and edit a piece of text, either by changing the word order of a sentence, illustrating how to use pronouns, changing the text from first person to third, and changing the sentence from present to past tense – a great way to help students develop their writing and language skills.

To find out more about Shakespeare Week, how you can get involved in this event and download some Shakespeare-themed free resources, take a look at their website.

Don’t have EducationCity in your school and would like to take a look at the content mentioned? Start your free trial today by calling +44 (0)1572 725080 or using the form.


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